Island of Eden

Sept 21, 2011
  • Three members of the Night Watch were mugged, and Mishka was stabbed with a priceless artifact.
  • Party arrives at hospice and meets with D and H, healer and his apprentice on the night shift.
  • Healer mends Mishka’s wound, retrieving the tip of a glass knife from her ribs.
  • Night Watch party members arrive at The Third Car, a seedy tavern in the Low Town, where A engages in conversation with Luka “Lu-Lu” Lucostis, Mishka moves in to distract and intercept.
  • Altercation breaks out, and Luka “Lu-Lu” Lucostis’ bodyguard is killed, seemingly from falling upon his own sword.
  • Body is taken to hospice where D and H try and fail to save his life.
  • A quick search of the bodyguard’s corpse reveals another piece of the knife which stabbed Mishka.
  • Party returns to The Third Car to question Luka “Lu-Lu” Lucostis as to why one of his men would be in possession of such an item.
  • After a quick covert conversation with the kitchen staff through a back window, it is quickly determined that a note would be the best method to draw Luka “Lu-Lu” Lucostis from the tavern.
  • H is dispatched to deliver the note but finds herself to be too intimidated and having thrown the note on the table, flees.
  • The party heads to the upper level of the tavern to await his arrival, however Luka “Lu-Lu” Lucostis puzzles over the note for a very long time.
  • Party prepares ambush.

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