Picking up 180 years after the original Island of Eden campaign, a new king has the throne of the Island. Our beloved Dwarven king, Gormin Oakshield has passed, and his throne has fallen to an industrious and creative Gnome by the name of Augustus Copperpot. This change in leadership has heralded a new age of technological advancement, industry and logical thinking, thus beginning the Island’s Industrial Age. But prosperity is not without it’s price…..

In year fifteen of the Reign of Augustus, there befell a great disaster to the Island. An earthquake of great magnitude struck Eden, changing the face of the island as we know it. Yet out of this tragedy, comes opportunity: a red crystalline material, discovered by the Dwarves of the Spineback Mountains, Fire Stone.

Violently reactive with water, Fire Stone generates a measured amount of cold steam, steam which the Gnomes quickly harnessed. With Copperpot’s lust for technology and the betterment of the island, he quickly decreed that the Dwarves were to pay a tithe of iron and Fire Stone to the Isle of Tears, native land of the Gnomes, and new capital of the Island of Eden.

Perhaps it was rash thinking, or ego stroking, but Copperpot was firm in his decree, and blind to the consequences. With the increased labour to provide the tithe, the Dwarves were unable to provide their own food, thus relying more and more upon the Humans to supply them. The Humans in turn, feel more pressured to supply another full race with food from their already taxed farmlands. The Halflings, facing more challenges presented by the transport of the sheer amount of food and supplies, were presented with a solution: the Iron Caravan.

Similar to a train of our world, the Iron Caravan represented a great leap forward in the technological superiority of the Gnomes, and the end of the nomadic lifestyle of the Halflings, with an entire race bound to the rails rather than being free to roam as they please.

As the rumblings against Copperpot become louder and more insistent, there are some who try to keep the old ways alive. The Elves, for the most part, have retreated to the Great Forest, reclaiming the lands of their ancestors. Those who choose to remain in the cities spread tales of legend, protesting peacefully, akin to the Hippies of our world.

Your journey begins here, in Milton, the Human capital. Alongside your childhood friends, you witness the changes wracking your world. All advancement has a price, and perhaps the earthquake was just the beginning. Game on, adventurers.

Island of Eden

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